How To Play Online Slots And Win Big

A Complete Guide To Playing Online Slots

If you want to enjoy real money gambling, but don’t want to travel to a local casino, consider signing up for online slots. Online slots are virtually identical to the games you find in land-based casinos, only operating entirely over the internet. This means you can spin reels and win real money, all while staying at home and using your mobile phone.

But if you’re new to online gambling, it might all seem a little confusing. Not to worry, this guide will help you sign up to an online casino, make a deposit, and get spinning in just a few minutes. Online casinos are faster, better, and safer than they’ve ever been.

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Signing Up At An Online Casino

Signing up at an online casino is quick and easy. All you have to do is find a casino you like, sign up for an account, and make a deposit. Though, it is wise for you to spend some time checking out options before you make any commitments. There are dozens of online casinos these days, so don’t be afraid to look around and see what’s available. With a little research, you can find sites with amazing promotions and extremely generous bonuses.

To sign up at a casino, simply select the ‘register’ option. You’ll then need to provide a few details, including a name, address, email address and phone number. Keep in mind you might also need to provide a validated identification document. The process will go much quicker if you have this information close at hand.

Once your account is active, you can now make a first deposit. However, keep in mind that you’re also free to explore the site, check out a few games, and even play a few casino games for free.

Understanding Online Slot Basics

With your account active, you can now browse the dozens, if not hundreds of slot games available. Most online casinos constantly add new slots, so you’ll never run out of options. But which online slot are you going to play first?

Let’s get an idea of how online slots work on a basic level. You make an upfront bet, the size of which will depend on your preference, after which you spin the reels. If winning combinations land on the reels, you win. The value of the combination determines the size of the payout. Though, also keep in mind that payout values are tied to your upfront bet for that spin. The higher you bet, the higher the value of each payout.

Bonuses And Specials

Every online slot offers some sort of special or bonus round. A special round, for example, might involve Free Spins, letting you cash in big. During Free Spins you receive a number of spins, but don’t have to put down a bet for each spin. This means that everything win during Free Spins is pure profit.

Another form of bonus is a Free Pick round. In a Free Pick round, you get to choose from a variety of options, with big payouts hidden behind each choice. How much you’ll win isn’t known until you make a pick, which is exactly what makes bonus rounds so exciting.

Standard Versus Progressive

It’s impossible to explain how every online slot works, given that there are so many variations. But in general, slots are broken down into standard and progressive. Standard slots offer smaller jackpot amounts, but more frequent payouts. Progressive slots offer enormous, multi-million dollar jackpots, but pay out less frequently. It’s up to you which type of slot you want to play. Quality sites like Jackpot Wheel casino offer both progressive jackpot and standard slots, so you can try out both and see which you prefer.

Just how big can a progressive jackpot get? Amazingly, there is no limit to how high a progressive jackpot can climb. As long as the jackpot is up for grabs, and as long as players keep spinning, the jackpot amount keeps climbing. Some progressive jackpots rise into the tens of millions, offering a truly life-changing winning opportunity.

Volatility and RTP

Every online slot comes with a volatility and Return to Player (RTP) rating. Volatility refers to how often the game pays out, and the average size of each payout. A low-volatility game pays out less frequently, but each payout amount is generally higher. A high-volatility game pays out frequently, but on average each payout amount is lower. As to whether you prefer low or high volatility is a matter of preference.

RTP is a rough estimate of how much a slot will pay out in the long term. For example, if a slot is given an RTP of 98%, this indicates that 98% of every dollar you bet is paid back, over a period of time. Keep in mind, however, that RTP is theoretical, and isn’t an exact science. Even still, it doesn’t hurt to choose a slot with a higher RTP.

Random Number Generators

How does a casino decide if you win or lose when you play online slots? It isn’t the casino that decides at all; online slots are entirely random. Slots, and all digital online casino games, work on Random Number Generators (RNG.) RNG is hardware that 100% guarantees random results for every online gambling activity, including slots. There is nothing that you, or anyone else can do, to alter the outcome of RNG hardware.

Play Your Way

Lastly, let’s talk about which platforms support online slots. The bottom line is that you can play online slots on virtually any platform, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. It also doesn’t matter which operating system you use, with Apple and Android both supported. It’s simply a matter of signing up, making a deposit, and spinning the reels.

No matter which online casino you choose, and which slot you play, remember to always bet smart. Also remember that gambling is all about having fun, and that you shouldn’t ever play with money you can’t afford to lose.